Welcome To Dawn Fry’s Peaceful Nights and Friendly Days

Dawn_2-214x300For more than thirty years I have been caring for children as a licensed childcare provider, nanny and as a baby nurse. My work has given me the opportunity to learn some simple truths about caring for children.

The families I worked with encouraged me to give parenting classes because they liked what they saw and heard when I interacted with children. I preferred to teach children but I was reminded that knowledge is also responsibility so I taught parenting classes. The families lovingly called my skills Dawn Talk. A few years later I started teaching Friendly Communication Skills and Discipline with Dignity in workshops at state and national childcare conferences.

Wishing you peaceful nights and friendly days,


Tools for Peaceful Nights

Child-friendly sleep lessons for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers

New eBook Now Available! – “Baby-Friendly Sleep Lessons”

  • Based on over 70,000 hours of hands-on experience as a childcare provider
  • Teach your children to enjoy their beds and to get enough sleep

There will be 2nd and 3rd installments in the “Child-Friendly Sleep Lessons” series:

“Toddler-Friendly Sleep Lessons” — for children standing to age 2.

“Pre-Schooler-Friendly Sleep Lessons” — for pre-school-aged children.

Tools for Friendly Days

Child-friendly communications skills for children and parents

DawnTalk childcare audio handbook —“14 Steps to Happier Children” (Digital download)

  • Over 100 minutes of communication skills teaching for just $12
  • Teaches child-friendly communication skills
  • Increases emotional intelligence
  • Prepares children for a global community
  • Learn discipline with dignity — respectful and compassionate non-punitive discipline

Private consultations for parents

Dawn now offers DawnTalk private behavior consulting for parents. Click here to get started.